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    • Evolution of the geothermal fluids at Los Azufres, Mexico, as traced by noble gas isotopes, δ18O, δD, δ13C and 87Sr/86Sr 

      Pinti D.L.; Castro M.C.; Shouakar-Stash O.; Tremblay A.; Garduño V.H.; Hall C.M.; Hélie J.-F.; Ghaleb B.
      Isotopes of noble gases, CO2, H2O and Sr were measured in 10 geothermal wells and 8 hot springs, fumaroles and mud volcanoes at Los Azufres, the second most important geothermal field in Mexico. The aim of this study is ...
    • Origin of fluids in Las Tres Vírgenes Geothermal Field 

      Hernández Hernández M.A.; Pinti D.L.; Castro M.C.; López-Hernández A.; Shouakar-Stash O.; Richard L.; Núñez-Hernández S.; Hall C.M.; Ramírez Montes M.A.; Sánchez-Cornejo C.
      A geochemical survey of fluids in the Las Tres Vírgenes geothermal field (LTVGF) in Baja California Sur, Mexico, was carried out to describe their origins and evolution within the reservoir. Major and minor elements and ...