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      Absorption cooling; Air conditioning; Carbon dioxide; Cooling systems; Cost reduction; Enthalpy; Environmental impact; Fossil fuels; Geothermal heating; Global warming; Heat convection; Heat transfer coefficients; Lithium bromide; Operating costs; Sodium hydroxide; Solar collectors; Solar energy; Thermal oil recovery; Water absorption; Carbon dioxide emissions; Coefficient of Performance; Convective heat transfer Coefficient; Energy recovery; Geothermal sources; Numerical heat transfer; Parabolic trough collectors; Storage tank temperature; Geothermal energy [1]
      acid stimulation, Mexican geothermal fields, acid job [1]
      Acid stimulation; Mexican geothermal fields; Acid job [1]
      Acid stimulation; seismicity; microseism; wells; Las Tres Virgenes field [1]
      Air-conditioning absorption; COP; Energy recovery; NaOH-H 2 O; Parabolic trough collector; Shallow geothermal source [1]
      Arsenic; Formation water; Geothermal reservoirs; Mexico; Origin; Petroleum reservoirs [1]
      Baja California Peninsula; intense fracturing; fractures grid; granodiorite and pull apart system; volcanic migration [1]
      Baja California Sur; Environmental Impact; Geothermal Reservoir; Protection to Environment; Tres Virgenes [1]
      Baja California; Cerro Prieto; Geothermal resources evaluation; Las Tres Vírgenes; Mexico; Volumetric heat in place method [1]
      Baja California; Fluid inclusions; Geothermometers; Heat balance; Hydrogeochemistry; Mexico; Seawater component; Static formation temperatures [1]
      Calcite; Geochemistry; Incrustation; Las Tres Vírgenes; Production hole size; Steam production [1]
      Calderas [1]
      Carbon; Clay alteration; Cooling systems; Geothermal wells; Glacial geology; Inert gases; Infiltration; Isotopes; Mixing; Rivers; Surface waters; Trace elements; Volcanoes; Cerro Prieto; Environmental isotopes; Geothermal reservoir; Paleotemperatures; Residence time; Volcanic activities; Geothermal fields; cosmogenic radionuclide; dissolution; geothermal system; halite; Holocene; in situ measurement; late glacial; noble gas; paleoclimate; paleotemperature; Pleistocene; reservoir; residence time; stable isotope; tectonic evolution; volcanic eruption; Baja California Sur; Baja California [(STT) Mexico]; Cerro Prieto; Colorado River [North America]; Mexico [North America]; Tres Virgenes Geothermal Field [1]
      Cerro Prieto; Co-genetic volcanic activity; Environmental isotopes; Fluid provenance; Geothermal reservoir; Las Tres Vírgenes; Noble gases; Paleotemperature; Residence time [2]
      Cerro Prieto; Geothermal power generation; Las Tres V́rgenes; Los Azufres; Los Humeros; Mexico [1]
      Circulation; Drilling; Geothermal well; Surrounding formation; Two phase flow; Well temperature distribution [1]
      Computer software; Geochemistry; Geothermal; Geothermal exploration; Geothermometry; Mexico [1]
      Control theory; Initial temperature; Reservoir engineering; Temperature logs; Wells [1]
      Country Updates; Mexico; Mexican Fields; Geothermal Steam Production; Geothermal Electric Generation [1]