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      Magnetoteluric; Geophysic; Geothermal exploration; Las Tres Virgenes [1]
      Mexico & Latin America; Geothermal Development; Generation Cost; Project Cost [1]
      Mexico & Latin America; Las Tres Virgenes; Hydrothermal Mineralogy; Fluid Inclusions; Geothermal Fluid Origin [1]
      Mexico & Latin America; PTS Tool; Response Curve; RPS; Well Phenomenon; Production Zone Contribution [1]
      Mexico; Baja California Sur; Tres Virgenes; Reforestasion; Environmental; Regulatory; Remedation; Biological [1]
      Mexico; Baja California; Las Tres Virgenes; Steam Composition; Initial State; Temperature; Injection Wells; Basement; Steam Turbines; Binary Cycle; Single Flash [1]
      Mexico; Geothermal development; Generation cost; Project cost [1]
      Mexico; geothermal production; geothermal-electric capacity; geothermal fields; Cerro Prieto; Los Azufres; Los Humeros; Las Tres VÌrgenes. [1]
      Mineral associations; scaling; water-rock interactino; Las Tres Virgenes; hydrothermal mineralogy [1]
      New Geothermal Projects; Reservoir Assessment; Las Tres Virgenes Field Update; Resource Management Problems [1]
      News briefs [1]
      News briefs; Environmental aspects; Exploration; Industrial applications [1]
      News briefs; Geological surveys; Hydrothermal alteration; Volcanism [1]
      ORIGIN [1]
      passive seismic; tectonics and seismicity induced [1]
      Petrology; hydrothermal mineralogy [1]
      Plates (structural components); Sedimentary rocks; Volcanic rocks; Volcanoes; Geothermal fluids; Geothermal potential; Geothermal reservoir; hydrothermal; Installed capacity; Me-xico; Tectonic settings; Volcanic structures; Geothermal fields [1]
      Reinjections [1]
      Reservoir engineering [1]
      Reservoir Engineering; Acid Treatment; Coiled Tubing Unit; Mud Lost; Formation Damage; Permeability; Skin; Tres Virgenes [1]