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    Absorption cooling; Air conditioning; Carbon dioxide; Cooling systems; Cost reduction; Enthalpy; Environmental impact; Fossil fuels; Geothermal heating; Global warming; Heat convection; Heat transfer coefficients; Lithium bromide; Operating costs; Sodium hydroxide; Solar collectors; Solar energy; Thermal oil recovery; Water absorption; Carbon dioxide emissions; Coefficient of Performance; Convective heat transfer Coefficient; Energy recovery; Geothermal sources; Numerical heat transfer; Parabolic trough collectors; Storage tank temperature; Geothermal energy (1)
    Absorption; Geothermal; Heat pumps; Heat transformers; Mechanical vapor compression; Research and development (1)
    Acetic acid; Alkalinity; Aluminosilicates; Atmospheric pressure; Carbon dioxide; Corrosion; Corrosion resistance; Corrosion resistant alloys; Deposits; Dryers (equipment); Geothermal energy; Geothermal fields; Investments; Organic acids; Organic carbon; pH; Separators; Silicates; Sulfuric acid; Cerro Prieto; Geothermal brines; Los azufres; PH modification; Scale control; Silica (1)
    Acid fluids; Advanced argillic alteration; Los Humeros; Water-rock interaction (1)
    Acid fluids; Cerro Prieto; Cerro Prieto IV (1)
    acid fluids; commercial production; NaOH; neutralization; Geothermal Field; Los Humeros (1)
    acid fracturing,enhance,transmissibity,channels,successfully, Mexico (1)
    Acid rain; Alkanity; Carbonic species; Los Humeros; Monitor stations (1)
    acid stimulation, Mexican geothermal fields, acid job (1)
    Acid stimulation; Mexican geothermal fields; Acid job (1)